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Here's some Zodiac Killer novelties you may find useful.


These are fonts for your computer to replicate the Zodiac Killer's cipher language.

  • Zodiac Cipher TrueType Font - This is a font designed to mimic the four Zodiac Killer ciphers and created to speed up cipher-breaker algorithms. It is not intended to use for normal typing.
  • Zipher TrueType Font - Created by Phil Strahl, this is a font designed for typing messages.


These are programs to help decipher the ciphers.

  • Zodiac Killer App - A basic tool for trying various theories.
  • Zodiac Webtoy - An entirely web-based application to test theories on the 340- and 408-cipher.
  • ZK Decrypto - An application for breaking ciphers (not just Zodiac Killer ciphers).

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