Donald Gene Harden (March 16, 1928 - March 7, 2012) was the man who solved the 408 cipher along with his wife, Bettye June "Valerie" Harden. 

Early life Edit

Donald Gene Harden was born to J Clinton Harden (1893 -1971) and Ethel Harden (1895- ?) in Michigan. He spent his childhood on 106 Spruce Street, Cass County, Dowagiac City, Michigan. Harden eventually finished elementary, middle and high school. He went to Kalamazoo College from 1950 to 1951. He then went to University of Florida, Gainesville in 1956 for his master degree in education. During his time in University of Florida, Don gain experience by deciphering codes. Harden eventually graduated from the university. Harden began to teach at Howard High School in Orlando, Florida. Don eventually left Howard High School and went to teach at Aurora Central High School in Denver, Colorado in 1960. In 1960, Harden left Aurora Central High School and moved to Salinas, California. He began teaching at North Salinas High School in 1960.  

Donald Harden, the man who, along with his wife Bettye, solved Zodiac's 408 cipher. This is Don Harden as he looks at the cipher and makes his key

Solving the code Edit

One day, in 1969, Harden and his wife's lives changed completely when a unknown person sent 3 cryptograms to 3 different newspapers. The unknown person demanded that the newspapers print the cryptograms completely or he will go on a rampage. None of the top experts were able to solve the codes completely. One of the newspapers got a call from Harden and his wife, saying that they solved the code completely. Harden told the reporter how he and his wife broke the code completely. The rest is history. Harden got front page on August 9, 1969.

Aftermath Edit

Some time after Harden broke the code, he joined real estate in 1969. He continuing teaching until he retired in 1980. In 1980, he continued to be in real estate. Bettye and Don eventually divorced and she died in 2001. Don remarried in the 1990s. Harden was interviewed several times in 2007.

Death Edit

Harden died peacefully from an illness on March 7, 2012. His body was donated to Science Care and they cremated his body.

Personality Edit

Don Harden was said to be a gentle person.

Clues that Donald Harden and his wife was Zodiac. Edit

  • Zodiac was known to have a ego. Donald Harden revealed himself to have a ego during his 1969 interviews.
  • Zodiac mentioned a lot of school threats. Donald Harden was a school teacher.
  • Zodiac was believed to be a movie buff. Harden was revealed to be a movie buff in one of his 2007 interviews.
  • Zodiac was believed to be in military. Harden's father was in military.
  • Zodiac mentioned to survivor Bryan Hartnell that he was from Colorado. Harden was in Colorado in 1960.
  • William Baker diagnosed Zodiac as paranoid and schizophrenic. Harden's wife had schizophrenia. Harden's wife was also paranoid. Evidence of her being paranoid is that she was said to be afraid of a reporter.
  • Pending

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